"HO, HO, HO!"


   Merry Christmas everyone! As you all know, today's Christmas Eve, which means family gathering, presents and, of course, an outfit for being chosen. Do you already know what your're wearing tonight? If the answer is a no, don't panic, because I've decided to show you some examples that you can use. You're still in time for picking your outfit!

   It's quite hard choosing an outfit for these days, and it can turn out to be hateful, indeed, even when you love going shopping and clothes. The thing is we all want to look fine and gorgeous, so that's why this is becoming more and more important every year: you just want to be perfect! 

   The first tip that I'm going to give is really simple- many of you could think it's pretty obvious- but I'm here to remind you that you don't need nothing really special for this Chrismas Eve, I mean, most of you have family gathering, so you don't need to go in sophisticated gowns and makeup. But let me be clear: simple doesn't mean messy. You can be as beautiful in a simple, little, black dress, as in a pair of Pepe Jeans,matched with beautiful black pumps.


(*credits: this pic was made with Polyvore).

   The first outfit I'm going to offer you has: 

  •    Dorothy Perkins Black/White collar dress.
  • Tree French Purse, Bright Red shiny Goat, by Mulberry
  • Jimmy Choo Lottie Black Suede Sandals.

   About this outfit....

   I'm really into black, and I've always loved matching balck and red, so I think that this beautiful collar dress is perfect with red accessories, that's why I've chosen a red, shiny Mulberry clutch. I'd get my nails done red and wearing red lips is also a good option for being stunning tonight!


   #LOOK-2 is made of:

  • Oasis, Lace Chifflon, Skater Dress.
  • Christian Louboutin Suede Pumps.
  • Vintage Chanel Quilted, Leather Handbag.

About the outfit...

   I fell madly in love with this little, red dress. It has some lace on the top of the neckline, which makes it perfect- we all know lace is among the trends this year and we can see it everywhere, so I thought it was a perfect and different touch that will add some glow to your look tonight. It's not outrageous, and I like that. I matched it with a pair of black Louboutin and iconic Chanel girl bag. And, what about the makeup? Pretty eassy: some Dior on your lips (the one that I recommend you is the new Dior Diorling, from Grand Bal Rouge Diorific Lipsticks) and an usual, thin, black line in your eyes, with Lancôme Artliner 24h Bolo Color Precision Eyeliner.


#LOOK-3 has:
  • Nasty Gal Black dress.
  • Charlotte Olympia flat.
  • Ray-Ban.

About the otfit...

   I think this outfit has everything you need to be comfortable and beautiful. The touch of the look is the neckline and cat's flat by Charlotte Olympia. I've used Dior Rouge again, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. A totally 50s girl.

   So guys, have fun tonight and don't forget that fashion is good for your souls.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas...

Kiss, Kiss.

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