"Skincare Routine."

   We usually wear make-up to cover up acne, but what we don't know is this makes things worse. So, that's why we have to "create" a skincare routine.

(*Credits: Vogue USA- Cosmetic cover).

   Some of my friends have asked me to write a post about "Skincare", so here it is. I'm really into skincare routines, because our skin is one of the most important things, and  we should take care of it if we want to look good and beautiful. That's why I'm going to give you some tips and advises to start a good skincare routine since today.

   We all should start using cleansing wipes. Why? Well, because they sweep away pore-clogging dirt and oil from your skin. The reason we should use cleaning wipes is because, when we wash our face, our make-up could be still on. So, this assures you that you get everything off.

   Then, we should use a face scrub. Yes, I know there are a tone of them out there, which makes it really hard to know which is the best one for our skin. You sould ask before you buy one.

   We should use a hydrating gel. I recommend you "Hydrating B5 Gel"- enriched with vitamin B5. It will help your skin to get the nutrients it needs to feel smooth. I usually apply the product- hydrating gel- with a dropper, to avoid over-applying. I know this kind of products are a bit expensive, but that's why they say "to suffer for beauty". In this case, which suffers is our "wallet".

   After applying the hydrating gel, we should use a daily facial moisturizer, because it will help our skin to be fresh.

   Some people forget about the eyes and, for me, it's one of the most important part of a skincare routine. It will help you to look "brighter", even when you've not sleept. A friend of mine gave me this Summer "Diorsnow Eye Cream", and it's freaking awesome. It has a great texture , light and very pleasent smell. In my case, there's a quick absorption and I've got great results, so I'll definetely keep using it after I've finished this one. On the other  hand, some of my friends have told me to use Anti-Puff Eye Rollar, by Garnier. I havE to admit I've never used this product before, but I'm not really sure I want to either, because I'm happy with my Diorsnow treatment. However, I'll tell you if I finally get to use it.

   I've always used lipscare too, because it helps me to protect my lips; but the most important tip I'm going to give you is to drink a lot of water. The fact is that skin is an organ, and just like any other part of the body, our skin is made up of cells. And skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Without water, the organs will certainly not function properly or at their best. If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. 

(*Credits: 1.- Garnier Cleansing wipes; 2.-Olay Face Scrub;
3.-Hydratin B5 Gel; 4.- Cetaphil facial moisturizer;
5.- Diorsnow Eye cream; 6.- Nivea Lips care).

Do you have your own skincare routine?


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