"Long live the QUEEN".


Royal Baby Celebrations.

   Ok, It's been a long time since I've posted here in English. But this time, I have to do it. The reason? I think we all know it very well: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby son.
   Last night, we knew the name of the baby: George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (Prince George of Cambridge). But, why am I writing about this on Cattleya? First of all,  I would like to congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby boy (a baby is always a blessing, no matter what); and second of all, Cattleya is about fashion, so I think you all wanted to know what, the beautiful and elegant princess, Catherine Middleton wore on Tuesday Evening when she left St Mary's Hospital (London).

(*Credit: Vogue Spain)

   I love Kate Middleton so much. She is a very "simple" and humble person. But, at the same time, she's so elegantly beautiful. When I first saw her yesterday, I was shocked. Why? Because she emerged on the top step and posed for photos with a simple dress,  with no make-up and with her long hair blowing in the wind. Breathtaking, I must say!

   Yeah, The Duchess looked beautiful in a bespoke cornflower blue crépe de chine dress by British designer Jenny Packham and I'm sure you'll agree she was positively glowing. I had thought we would see Kate in  glamorous clothing, but she was so natural! (Just like a woman who has just given bith to her baby).

(*Credits: Vogue Spain and Jenny Packham's Google Images)


   And what did she wear on her feet? Kate chose a Pied A Terre Imperia Wedges for the occasion. (She is a huge fan of this shoes)

(*Credits: hrhduchesskate.com and Google Images)

   I have to say that this is a real Princess: she knows what to wear and how to act depending on the occasion. Yeah, the media may criticise her (Omg! that baby bump is still there?!) Well, just let me say that it's adorable, and she could not have been more perfect. She is stunning indeed! Also, Prince William was good-looking (as usual). And, OMG!, this adorable couple has worn matching outfits! That's lovely!

So, What else do I have to say?...

...Oh yeah!...Kiss,Kiss.

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