There's something about Dior that makes me love it... I don't know what it is, but Dior has captivated me from the very beginning.

   J'adore Christian Dior, c'est true!

   I was reading Vogue yesterday when I suddenly stopped. There was a collection that really caught me up. It was a collection, created by the great Ralf Simons, for Christian Dior, where the new designer of the house showed  a delightfully surreal collection that was partly inspired by Andy Warhol. Eary Warhol drawings of shoes and women's faces, from his career as a commercial artist and illustrator for department stores, turned up on bags and dresses.    They were lovely!

    There were some beautiful dresses and coats that followed a full-skirted, 1950s silhouette — classic Dior — and while some of the illustrated dresses were a little on the quirky side, plenty of these pieces would look right at home on a red carpet. 

   You know what I loved the most about the collection? Well, if you remember, yesterday, I was talkng about Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. I said that I loved Chanel, and it's true, but I also said that it was changing, I mean, Karl Lagerfeld was changing the "patters" that Coco Chanel "established".

     On the other hand, Ralf Simons- the new creative director at Christian Dior since April 2012- has respected the "classic Dior". Yes, he has "given" a fresh change to Dior, but what we love about the brand is still there.

   I would define this collection as Crème de la Crème! Don't you think so?

(*Credits: Vogue Australia)

Kiss, Kiss.

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