Spring Essentials

   Spring…March 21st brings us fresh new life, longer days and crisp air in our lungs! Spring brings us SPARKS...Sparks in fashion! We go out and revamp our wardrobe. This season brings us a fresh start, new faces, shorts and dresses.

   In spring, we create. I love this Season becuase we can create several outfits with simple pieces: shorts, hats or cotton dresses...  we rebirth... Light hits everything. Moreover, we can put our sknny jeans on... There are a lot of reasons to get excited in Spring Fashion!  I've been studying what's coming for spring/summer 2013. It's important to do this before it hits the rails for planning purposes and, hurrah, this looks like being a good fashion summer for those of us who are … more mature. 

  • Short dresses has been revived: we have to think in flowing lines. I love them because they are versatile, wearable and lovely. You can get an informal look, just adding a Goorin Bros Hat, or a formal one with a pair of Louboutin and a beautiful Chanel Jacket.
  • I love BLACK, and this year, Black and Spring belong together. It may sound weird, yes, but Black is perfect for all the festivals that are coming in this beautiful Season. One word: CHIC. Mix some black dresses with pastel accessories, big bags or nice lipsticks. You’ll look like Audrey Hepburn, elegant, but fresh anyway.
  • Florals are with us again.  I love them, specially, but you have to be carefull when you wear them. Sometimes, we mix florals with several other prints that ruins our outfits. I hate, for example, those people who wear Leopard print with more Leopard Print, or with floral print. Tey think they “go” fine, but it’s just AWFUL.
  • Stripes: this Spring 2013, some designers, like Marc Jacobs has shown us “optical stripes”. Stripes are fine because they make you look taller and thinner.
  • Swinging 60s checks: Just think in Louis Vuitton... do you have the image of the latest collection? Yeah? Well, it seems like “old” is “in” again. You’ll look stunning in one of those outfits, but  never forget about “simplicity”. This kind of outfits don’t need accessories. With a simple purse, they will be ok.

(Credit: Vogue UK)

   Colors for this Season:


   Make-up artisst applied daring swoops just above the crease of the eye. To make the liner even more conspicuous, you can   rim the upper lash line with, for example, Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in High Beam White and add one coat of thick black mascara. 

   You can experiment with color: Scarlet Lips are “in” this Spring. Furthermore, White and its family of hues including eggshell, vanilla and sand are used to brighten the face this spring. So, white is the color for this season to wear alone, as a highlighter at the inner corner of the eye, or in touches elsewhere on the face to brighten features.

   Dark tones are used this season. You can apply some gloss over them, getting an ultra-luminous finish. It will brighten your skin!

   Beige pigments is coming back with force. Getting a natural look, I recommend, for example,  DIORSKIN NUDE. This new product, from the House Of Dior, is a  natural glow hydrating makeup. You will get a perfect finish, which is very fresh-faced. The problem? Well, I’ve used this product and there were some “CONS”:
  • The last power isn't too great. With a dusting of power, I was shiny within a few hours. 
  • It's not transfer-resistan (beware when you hug someone! 

(Credits: Dior and Vogue UK)

   Just be yourself, use your favourite lipstick and match it with your outfit!


       Shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2013 season are all about pointed toes, metallic finish, transparent details, and architectural shapes. An ankle strap is also a key trend in footwear for Spring/Summer 2013. Metallic shoes is one of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2013. Also, heeled sandals were decorated with crushed crystals and metallic leaf plates.

Nicolle Miller 
(Credits: Vogue US and Vogue Spain)

Emporio Armani


   Heavy shoes also feature high platforms and multiple straps.


   *Clear heels and straps are back for Spring/Summer 2013 season

Donna Karan

Véronique Leroy

   Men’s style shoes are in this Seaton. They are fresh and confortable. They will give you a better look!

(Credits: Vogue Paris)

Victoria Beckham

*There’s something about this Seasons I really love: platforms! This Spring, we find some decorated wedge platforms. I love them! They are masterpieces, but there’s something I don’t like... the material of the shoes look like... I don’t know, a cheap material for Chinese Sandals.

(Credits: Vogue US)

   Ahh, I love Spring… 

   Here, you can see some outfits I’ve created with Polyvore… You should check them out:

*I really love the last one... It’s fresh, but Chic at the same time. What do you think?

Top: Mother of Pearl Umiko floral-print silk crepe de chine top.

Jeans: MOTO Black Joni super high waisted stretch jeans with back pocket detail.

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia The Dolly suede platform pumps.

Bag: Chanel Mini Matelasse Single Chain Shoulder Bag In Black.


Kiss, Kiss.

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