Paris, Je t'aime!

   One word?: Amazing...

  Shoes? One name?: Mmm... Oh, I know!... Charlotte Olympia!

  Charlotte Olympia's new collection, "La Vie en Rose", is made for those who are in love with Paris. 

  Trust me, Paris is the best city in the world: the landmarks, the shops, its culture, its language...Everything in Paris is perfect! Just like "La Vie en Rose", by Charlotte Olympia- I can't read this name without singing Edith Piaf's song.

"La Vie en Rose" - CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Rose Sandal

(*credit: Vogue Spain)

  I don't like this collection... I simply love it! It really reminds me of Paris!

  The soft and "naïve" tones "reinvent" all the pieces and bring us a "fresh air", which will leave you breathless instead. This new collection can't be compared with nothing  we have seen before.

  I know the saying goes that a "picture is worth a thousand words, and I am amazed more than ever that it turned out to be the case here, so I leave you some of the pieces from the collection:

C’est La Vie embroidered printed crepe de chine clutch.

Platform shoes Cherie.

Poodle Purse- Pooch- Box Clutch Pandora Poodle.

Gigi Wedge.

Blue Scent,- Pink Scent perfume bottle perspex clutch - Yellow Scent Perspex clutch.

‘Josephine’ pump.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA La Vie En Rose and  La Parisienne.

Fleur embellished crepe of chine sandals.

(*Credits: Vogue magazine)

Oh là là! Je t'aime, Charlotte Olympia!


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