I love those Manolo!

   ¡Oh, Dios mío!...Oh, my Dior!- as I always say.

   This was what I said when I watched Manolo Blahnik Shoes Fall/Winter 2013.

(*Credit: Google Images)

   We all know Mnaolo Blahnik. Indeed, we all love Manolo! Have you ever seen "SEX AND THE CITY"? Well, you know who Manolo Blahnik is then!

     The name Manolo Blahnik has become synonym with amazing wearable shoe designs being the favorite brand of a multitude of A-list celebrities. Despite the multitude of fabulous designs that hit the bestseller list all over the world, the creativity that made the brand famous hasn't diminished at all. In fact, it seems it continues to increase. A blend of sophistication and versatility proves once again the perfect combination for breath-taking options.

    From fabulous pumps to ankle boots, monochrome options are alternated with elegant two toned options that never fail to steal the spotlight and still manage to be extremely versatile and creative. The fabrics also vary greatly for an added touch of excitement and sophistication. Elegance isn't strongly correlated with killer heels, although there are plenty alternatives which challenge the limit of comfort. As for the heel style, thin heels are correlated with supportive thick ones for an added sense of diversity.

    I really love this collection! It reminds me of La Palma- where the designer was born. When I saw the blue and yellow tones, I thought of the see and the sun rising over the sky in The Canary Islands. Just one word: Perfection! This collection left me speechless, with an "O" face (:O)... I hope you like it as I do!

(*Credits: Facebook-Manolo Blahnik)

    I was right, wasn't I? You have said WOW! watching this (with this expression in yout face  ":O")

     And if you haven't seen "Sex and the City"... Well, these are the shoes I mentioned before:

Aren't they amazing?
(*Credit: Google Images)

Kiss, Kiss.

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