"Sex and the Shoes"

   Someone once told me: "A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella". We always see the Haute Couture and the clothes, but...What about the shoes? We see them on scream, on the red carpet and lust after them in museums, but it seems they're not important in fashion or, worst of all, in our lives!

   I remember that one of my favourite fictional character, Carrie Bradshaw- yeah!  The same Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City"- adored the shoes over all.   One of my favourite scenes was when Carry told this to Aidan- one of her first boyfriends in the "Big City":
  “Aidan: Don’t take this the wrong way, but this place could use a little work.   Carrie: I know, but I can’t afford it.   Aidan: You’ve got eight thousand bucks worth of shoes over there.   Carrie: I needed those!” -Sex and the City"

   Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is still one of the most iconic TV series characters of all time. Some of us grew up watching her running with shoes in "The Big Apple". Indeed, some of us learnt, and began to love, "fashion" because of her.

    Ugh!... I miss her so bad! But it's not time for being sad, it's time for remembering all the great shoes Carrie Bradshaw wore in "Sex and The City". This is the reason why I've chosen "10 Pairs of Shoes"- Iconic shoes, I'd rather say!- to share with you guys!

 *Manolo Blahnik, "Something Blue", pointed Satin Heels.

   I know you’re going to love this! Remember the gorgeous blue Cinderella-like Manolos Carrie wore at the end of the Sex and the City Movie? Yeah, I couldn’t get them out of my head either. The classic design and the bold blue hue make them great contenders for your favorite formal footwear. In the movie Carrie said they cost $525, but due to the vast demand retailers almost doubled the price to outrageous $945!

"Sarah Jessica Parker holding a pair of Manolo's"

   So, as I know you love so much... Look what I found!

RSVP "Zaza" Blue Satin Pumps.

   These satin pumps by RSVP look almost identical, but cheaper! ($99).

*Manolo D'Orday pumps.

   Manolo Blahnik "Sedabary" or Manolo D'Orsay Pumps: his now iconic shoe was introduced in "A Woman's Right to Shoes". Since then, these particular Blahnik’s still fly off the shelves and are very relevant ten years later. The Manolo Blahnik “Sedaraby” serves two purposes in a women’s shoe closet. They can provide a bride with grace and comfort on her wedding day ----- for example ---- or add elegance to a red carpet or gala look. Then the Sedaraby can in turn be considered the ultimate shoe closet essential. They are just beautiful! Definitely,they meet the standards of Carrie Bradshaw: Comfortable and classy. Don't you think so?

*Carrie wearing Pink Louboutin Sandals

   "Sex and the City changed my life with shoes" said Sarah. Well, i think these Pink Louboutin Sandals helped, right?

   They were introduced in "I heart NY" episode. Yeah, I remember this one: 
     Mr. Big was leaveing New York, and Miranda had a baby.  For her last fling with her on-again-off-again man, Carrie chose to wear a pair of frilly pink sandals.  She spotted them in the window of the Christian Louboutin store, and in what’s now a famous moment, leaned in and said “hello lover.”  I think a lot of you would like having a "lover" like these pair of sandals!

*Extreme Dior Gladiator Platforms.

    Wow, these Dior Gladiator are stunning, and I love how they are both modern and sexy.... But- yes, there's a "but"-I don't know, I think I'd prefer them in brown if I were a woman, and,also, the fronts are too clunky for such a delicate heel, for my taste. But they are beautiful, right? Would you buy them?

      PS:We saw them in "Sex and The City"- the film, and I think you fell in love with this pair of shoes as I did!

*Manolo Blahnik "Mary Janes" shoes.

     I think I'd define this pair of shoes as "an urban shoe myth". So, here's the statement that the designer told Vogue:

 "I had gone through a bit of a baroque period in the early Nineties and wanted something to counter that, so I went minimalist," Blahnik explains of the shoe's creation. "It started off with the idea of a children's Mary Jane, but then I made it sexy; pointed toe, high heel - and in black patent with grosgrain trim!"
   These shoes remind me of  "Flamenca" dancers, from Spain, but their shoes have some spots. Anyway, they are cute... They are classical, buy chic at the same time.

*Jimmy Choo Atlas Patent Sandals.

   I call them "Gorgeous Jimmy Choo"Every once in a while, you come across something so breathtaking you have to stop and just look at it.
That’s how I felt when I saw the Jimmy Choo Atlas Patent sandals. These were featured in Sex and the City – The Movie! Talk about glam shoes, these are also available in black and cost about $900. Not many sandals can claim to be more strappy than these!

Look! They're beautiful in black too!

*Proenza Schouler Studded Strappy Sandals.

   By the time Carrie was preparing to marry Mr. Big in the first movie, she had no trouble securing super-current styles, like the Proenza Schouler military vest and studded strappy sandals from their Spring 2008 collection.

   I really love this  stunning pair of shoes. They are perfect for day or night that make a statement without saying a word. Wear with an all white ensemble and raise the style stakes with gold accessories. That's the part I don't like so much...but they are just breathtaking!

Gold accessories???

*Christian Louboutin Bridget Strass Booties.

   I'm in love wih these shoes, really. I think they have to be a must for a woman... Don't you love the innovative, extravagant yet elegant design of the shoes? Yeah, these pumps are meant to underline finesse, elegance, style and sexiness. These are killer characteristics which certainly will make even the most shy woman stand out. You'll see!

   I think that the design is what attracts me: the transparent mesh with lace effect gives an extraordinary feet, attracting the attention down towards the feet. The high heel and front platform are perfect for adding a slimming effect over each women and the gold glitter applied on the heel spices up the pumps look. Glitter, lace and high heels are an extraordinary combination meant to emphasize a woman's femininity. 

   "Carrie" looks stunning on them!

*Lavander Brian Atwood "Loca" Pumps.

   I'm not a huge fan of "Gold accessories", but I have to admit that they are  lovely on these shoes. I also love the tone:  Lavander! I think that you can get an informal outfit, just Like Carrie did, matching them with jeans and a simple T-shirt, but, at the same time, you will be stunning and chic! Don't you think so?

*Gold Louboutin High Heel.

   Everytime I look at them, Rihanna's song- "Diamond"- comes to my mind..."Shine bright like a diamond". Yeah, Carrie shines on these high heels in "Sex and the City II-the film". I don't have more to say about these shoes, just: breathtaking! That is all!

“Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.” – Carrie Bradshaw

(*Credits: Google Images)


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